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THE JODAN JU  is the first novel Richard published in 2012. WINDS of SEDITION  the sequel to the Jodan Ju – was published in December, 2019.

THE LILITH FACTOR  is well on the way.  See the individual pages for the outlines & status of these two intriguing, perhaps controversial tales.

Two reviewers for Readers’ Favorite have given THE JODAN JU a 5 Star rating. Their other three readers rated the novel at 4 Star. See their reviews on the REVIEWS page. Also see other reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (click)

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David Turner, a geologist and Vietnam veteran, discovers a covert mine deep in outback Australia. It is being operated by strange Asians led by a tall Eurasian, Jimmy Shan. While the young man is polite he is also utterly ruthless and, it becomes evident, a lieutenant of the Japanese Mafia…the Yakuza.They are extracting and enriching high-grade uranium and smuggling the deadly load from the country.

The pursuit by Australian Intelligence, with Turner and eminent physicist Leonard Lee included, leads to Japan and the influential industrialist Tanada family. Where the revelation of the illegal Australian mine unveils blackmail by the Yakuza, leading to family shame and ritual suicide.

The CIA and DEA become involved as terrorism and drugs come into the equation.

Oishi Okimura, supreme martial artist and avowed enemy of the Yakuza, utilizes his noble lineage to penetrate the top echelons of the crime families – powerful men cowed in fear of a sinister force controlling the Asia Pacific drug trade.

Israel’s Mossad, pursuing missing Arab nuclear scientists, joins the hunt into the steamy highlands of Burma and the jungle village of fugitive war criminal Shiro Mitani.

Their ominous findings initiate a discrete man and weapon hunt across the US and Japan. Mitani and Shan’s motives – revenge and retribution – seem clear.

 Not so – only Shan knows his agenda with the US President.

See SAMPLE EXCERPTS for a preview of THE JODAN JU.

THE SPHERE OF ACTION The pursuit is on – from the Australian outback to Japan, Burma, Bangladesh, Washington State, then Washington DC. Refining and closing as their nebulous quarry gains identity.

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                             1    OUTBACK AUSTRALIA       The Discovery    

                             2    JAPAN                                    The Revelations            

                             3    BURMA (MYANMAR)             The Sinister Reality

                             4    WASHINGTON DC                The Treacherous Politics

                             5    WASHINGTON STATE          The Devastating Ultimatum

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