WINDS of SEDITION  was Richard’s first novel written back in 1985 (with the working title East Wind Rain). It received favourable reviews with Collins NZ and was forwarded to Collins UK, unfortunately at the time they were going broke. After more than six months waiting on the ‘Dear John’ (usually you get the flick quite promptly) it came – no new authors – along with the editor’s advice of her own redundancy. A bad time for publishers & authors unless you were at the top already.

WINDS of SEDITION  has been revamped as a sequel to  THE JODAN JU and is now available on Amazon. (Apple, Google and other ebook retailers  will will also be releasing the book within a few weeks).

Set less than a year later, the two tales meld together well, with the main characters – the Australian David Turner, Israeli Uri Meyer,and Japanese Oishi Okimura – being central to both plots. As with The Jodan Ju, the story begins in outback Australia then heads into the international arena.

1994 AUSTRALIA   Robert Turner’s plane explodes over his outback cattle station with his son David’s wife and two kids on board. David Turner soon discovers that it was no accident – his family had been assassinated! Why – who would want his mild-mannered father dead? And be desperate enough to take three innocents out with him?  David finds the answer in the bundle of documents, clippings and tapes in his father’s study. And also learns of his vast inheritance.

Rob had been a young US Navy officer at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese struck on December 7, 1941 and has evidence of a political/military conspiracy that had allowed the raid to happen! His detested father, billionaire industrialist Joseph Turner, was also integral to the devious intrigue! And is still alive, contrary to what David had been told since a child.

Miles Stanton of Naval Intelligence, working for Joseph, with Michael Yates from a New York bank, had also been in Pearl Harbor that weekend. Rob had recently written to Stanton, stating his intention to expose their involvement and the fact that Yates – the key to the money – had not died in 1942 as believed. The man had later been a Commander in the Israeli army and was currently a Minister in the Israeli government! Was this why Rob had to die?

NEW YORK   David meets with his grandfather, concealing his knowledge of Joseph’s mercenary dealings with the Nazis pre-war and the treachery of Pearl Harbor. Despite the ninety-six year old’s feigned sorrow at his son’s death, David senses the residual hatred.

Turner next confronts Stanton, then Jacob Berman, head of the Jewish bank. They are frightened men, and not just of David. As he nears the truth, an attempt to kill him is thwarted by a Mossad agent who  takes him to Israel where Yates, now elder statesman Herut Shimon, explains the past and the ominous future. David’s family had been the last in a recent string of deaths related to the Pearl Harbor fiasco of 1941.

It seems that the Russians have the entire story and are poised to expose the conspiracy, creating mayhem – Jewish bankers and Israeli statesman enabled Pearl Harbor, dragging the US into WW2! US industry mogul made millions! The outbreak of violent Antisemitism and US withdrawal of the already shaky support for Israel, would appear to open the door for Russian control of the Middle East.

Then perhaps not, due to his grandfather’s agreement with another Joseph back in early 1941. Over fifty years later, the Russian Mafia is involved and so is an oblique sinister force in America. Ultimately the intrigue comes to a head as the players clash in the eastern Mediterranean and only one party can win.  


1  OUTBACK AUSTRALIA              The Assassination

2  NEW YORK                                  The Comprehension

3  HAIFA, ISRAEL                            The Final Understanding

4  LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK       The Ultimate Conclusion 

5  WASHINGTON D.C.                     The Devious Betrayal

6  EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN    The Final Battleground

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