The outline and first eight chapters of  The Lilith Factor  have been drafted and the tale should be complete mid-2020. Some of the characters of the prior books continue into this story without it being a true sequel. (David Turner, Uri Meyer & Oishi Okimura are hard to let go). However its subject matter is of a totally different vein – one entwining intriguing ancient religious history with modern day advances in scientific understanding. The consequences are explosive.  


 In the beginning God created Adam in his likeness, then later Eve as his female companion…so Genesis relates in the Christian Bible. Several other, much older texts, convey a little more – that Adam had a wife before Eve…the demonic ‘night hag’ Lilith. And that they had evil progeny, known as Lilin. Noah’s flood did not destroy them all.

Archaeologists Eva Magan and Robert Stanford, Israeli and American, discover ancient scrolls near Qurum, in Israel. Their author, the original Essene, tells of observing the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC slay two men on the shore of the Dead Sea, then sail out alone and drop numerous clay tablets into the deepest part of the water.

Keeping the find to themselves, Eva and Rob recover the tablets and decipher the primitive script on them. They are stunned – at who the scribe is, and what his last testament conveys on the true nature of mankind, which is both wonderful and terrifying.

Then the killings begin!

First at an archaeological dig at Nebuchadnezzar’s tomb in Iraq, followed by bombings and murders in Israel, England and the US at top genetic laboratories that were collaborating on the Genome Project. Are they related? What force could possibly want to impede the progress on the understanding of the human makeup? Halting the discoveries that might eradicate disease and frailties or enable malice and aggression to be eliminated from the human condition. Incidentally negating the need for all the past naive but once necessary mythology to explain life.

What group could be behind this…the churches who’s purpose and power would be negated? The tyrants, moguls and warmongers who enjoyed the status quo? Those who are evil and revel in it?

Or two brothers of the devoutly righteous Dupré family of Andorra? Direct descendants of the founder of the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon – the fraternity destroyed on October 13, 1307 by a greedy, envious king with the acquiescence of a weak and compromised Pope.

They are the scions of a  family possessing  immense concealed wealth, a dynasty that has waited patiently for seven hundred years to exact revenge. And now the younger, Cardinal Pierre Dupré, has become prime candidate for the new Pope.

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